What is your success?

I always knew I had a path, but I listened to others when they tried to tell me what that path was. I followed their guidance as I felt like they knew best and trusted their wisdom. However something was always missing; I never felt like I fully belonged and I always had that distant feeling that something wasn’t quite right.

I know that all the guidance that I have received over the years - all the suggestions, words of advice, constructive criticism - it was all true for what would apply to those that offered it. It all came from the heart and their desire to set me up so that I could be the best version of myself. However what worked for them didn’t work for me.

What I’m trying to say here, is that the people you love will always try to help you. They will always try to set you up for success. Sometimes however, their idea of success comes in a different package to yours. And that’s ok.

For some, success comes in the form of financial wealth. For others, in the growth of a project or business. Maybe for some it is getting that promotion that they’ve worked so hard for. For others, looking at their children and seeing that they are happy, healthy and all grown up, ready to take on the world. What defines someone else’s success doesn’t define yours. You do.

Growing up, I used to think that by my age, I would be successful if I had my own property, a fiancé (if not a husband) and a blossoming career in the IT industry, following in the footsteps of my incredible mother. Instead, I am choosing to step away from the corporate world and take on the biggest challenge of my life.

Now, my success is measured not in dollars, but in the people that I meet, and I hope, in that the lives that I change. I have been unfortunate enough to lose loved ones to suicide. And my ultimate success, will be if I can inspire even one person to keep on fighting through their darkest days and come out the other side. Maybe bruised and battered, but stronger than they ever imagined they could be. I know that there is an absolute warrior in every single one of us. So find what your success is, and do everything in your power to chase that.