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We’ve now finished our first ride - over 1,000km from Healesville to Canberra! But the journey doesn’t end there. As our Australian leg was cut short due to drought, I’ll now be traveling to the United States to ride the Continental Divide Trail and continue riding for mental health.

I honestly never expected that I would have such a personal connection to depression and mental health, but after losing people that I thought would be in my life for many years to come, I will do anything I can to try and prevent anyone else from losing a loved one.

Funds raised from this campaign will go directly to costs associated with preparing for, and being on the trail. Horses, gear, food, medical supplies, horse care, postage for supply drops...the list goes on!

Honestly, at the end of the day, if I can help just one person seek help instead of taking the same route as the people I've lost, this project will be the biggest success. 

Any questions at all, please reach out to me on the contact page - I would love to talk about this ride and how I plan to make a difference. 

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