This map was made by Shannon, who took on the BNT by bike. Check out his blog


The Bicentennial National Trail

The Bicentennial National Trail (BNT) is one of the longest non-motorised trails in the world, running 5,330 kilometres (3,300 miles) from Cooktown, Queensland, down to Healesville, Victoria. It runs along the Great Dividing Range, letting us explore national parks, go through private property that the land owners have generously let riders and hikers use, and some pretty remote wilderness areas. The trail is made up of old coach roads, stock routes, brumby tracks (I’m getting some Man from Snowy River vibes!), rivers and fire trails. It was originally created for horses and was previously known as the National Horse Trail, but is now also open to bikers and walkers.

The trail is divided into 12 sections, each of which have an associated guide book. The direction of the trail is starting in Cooktown and completing the journey in Healesville. However, Clarkie and I are going to be doing the trail backwards and starting down south and working our way up!

The BNT is run completely by volunteers, who do an amazing job maintaining the trail and keeping it accessible so that people like me (and you!!) are able to go explore the wild and rugged Australia that so often goes unseen. Membership is a crazy low $40 per YEAR, so if you’re thinking about checking out a certain section of the trail (or coming to visit me along the way!) then definitely get behind this amazing organisation!

For more info, check out the BNT Website


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