These rides are for everyone who has ever had a bad day, every been there for someone else's bad day, for those that have fought and won and for those that are still fighting. Every day that I ride, I'm riding to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and to encourage those that need help to seek it. There is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to mental health.



Fri, Apr 24
Currently discussing online options - TBD
CDT Trail Days
Trail Days is a fun-filled weekend of educational and inspirational presentations, gear demos, raffles, food and drink, dancing, a community hike, and much more. It brings together CDT hikers and the vibrant community of southwest New Mexico.
Sat, Aug 01
Location is TBD
The Naked Farmer Horseback Tour
The Naked Farmer tours Australia every year to bring awareness to rural mental health. This year I've teamed up with Ben Brooksby from the Naked Farmer and have convinced him to do this year's tour on horseback! We'll be travelling for the month of August, get excited!
Fri, Aug 28
The Tivoli
The Horseback Tour Music Event and Charity Auction
For the first time, the Naked Farmer Tour is bringing you a finale event in the form of a live music night, complete with a charity auction.