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Each of the brands here has had a significant affect on the success of Green, Gold and Blues and all of them are products that I personally use and recommend for out on trail, or are creatives that are exceptional in their field. I have a long history with a lot of these brands prior to Green, Gold and Blues (and a few that I have discovered along the way) and all of them are brands that I look forward to continuing to work with in the future.


Over the past 35 years, Peter has established himself as one of Australia’s finest saddler’s,  growing a very large and loyal customer base around the world. While initially concentrating on the performance segments of the equine industry, his unique StrideFree saddle tree is now available in the halfbreed - offering the shoulder freedom and flexibility that has previously been unavailable to the pleasure world. 

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Karen is an insanely talented photographer from Albury, NSW in Australia that has a knack for delivering photos that seem too good to be true. She's responsible for the absolutely incredible images of my BNT team and is has been an incredible support right from the very beginnings of Green, Gold and Blues.



Chris is also an insanely talented photographer, based in Salt Lake City, UT. He is my absolute idol when it comes to western photography. He's worked with some of the biggest names in the western industry and his branding images are iconic. Chris is responsible for all of the amazing images with Thelma.



I was introduced to this saddle pad by Gillian Larson (@thru_rider), my long riding inspiration. At first I was pretty resistant to change because I'm stubborn, however these pads were an absolute game-changer and I now will not use anything else for long distance rides. 



Weaver Leather have been a huge supporter of Green, Gold and Blues, and I have been using their products for as long as I've been in the western world (seriously, every single picture you'll find features a WL headstall). Their huge range of quality products helped me with every aspect or riding from bot fly eggs to saddle blankets to gall salve to fly masks...the list goes on!



I've been accused of getting emotionally attached to items...and my RB shirts are no exception. I've been loving RB shirts for years, however I truly fell in love with the company when they went into the depths of their storage and found the very LAST Amaroo shirt (my favourite) and shipped it over to me in the USA. Talk about going above and beyond. 



RidersbyLee have been another brand that have been behind Green, Gold and Blues from day 1. It's kinda ironic that their brand is 'riders' because they're the only jeans I ride in! Aside from the fact that they fit me like a DREAM (literally, it's like they were made for me and we all know how hard it is to find jeans that fit), they also celebrate diversity in all it's forms, and always have. Legends.



MSR were an epic support right from the beginning, supplying me with my Hubba Tour 2 tent and water filters. Their products got me through everything from snow to the harsh Australian sun and the quality has been phenomenal! 



Salomon is another brand that has supported Green, Gold and Blues from day 1. They introduced me to products I never even knew I needed. Their soft silicone water bottles (which fit perfectly into their Agile 12 backpack) are now two items that I cannot trek without, and their Speedcross trail runners have saved my feet on numerous occasions!



Therm-A-Rest also supported me from the get-go. Kitting me out with a sleeping mat and sleeping bag, they made sure I was always getting a good nights sleep out on trail - I sure did appreciate it when I spent three days straight cocooned up that bag in Wonnangatta!



One of the biggest rewards after a long day in the saddle is being able to sit down to a hot meal. What is also special is being able to mix up your menu instead of having the same 2-minute noodles day in, day out. It's the little things, you know?



Rebel is an insanely talented braider that custom made me my packing lead that I used on both of my rides. Not only is she able to whip up items like that, but she also creates one of a kind, incredible wearable art for horses. 



Tas Saddlery is another supporter that was behind Green, Gold and Blues from Day 1. I initially struggled to find packing supplies such as packing pads, and Tas Saddlery sorted us out! 

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